Welcome to my website, My name is Emile Olivier.
Here you will find my Flutter tutorials, articles, packages, and mobile applications 

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Flutter is relatively new and is gaining popularity, If you are a developer, then I would suggest you to head over my Tutorial section 

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Flutter tutorials

I have written Flutter tutorials designed to help you improve your skills as a mobile developer

Mobile Application development

I can develop beautiful applications for you

Flutter Packages

I have developed flutter packages and shared them with the flutter community at pub.dev 

No Need To Reinvent The Wheel 

As a developer you will need to work fast in order to meet your client’s deadlines and for this purpose flutter packages are made available by the Flutter community at pub.dev to speed up your workflow. Here you will find a collection of useful packages I personally developed

I Make it Easy for your Business to succeed 

Nowadays connectivity and communication is what drives businesses to success and with the rise of the mobile industry, connecting directly  with your customers has become a necessity.
I have the programming knowledge to bring your application ideas to life, so you know your application will work beautifully on any device